PVC Windows

Windows POSTĘP are exceptional thanks to application of the best available materials on the market. In the manufacturing process we use exclusively the PVC profiles from VEKA AG, which are the guarantee of the high static parameters as well as thermal and acoustic insulation. From among many profile suppliers only VEKA has got exclusively the profiles included to the highest class "A" according to PN-EN 12608. The external walls of these profiles are 3mm thick and the width of the internal chambers amounts to at least 5mm. They are of the fundamental importance for optimal protection of the household members from cold and noise. Another unquestionable advantage to mention is the exceptional durability of one-sided, externally woodlike coloured profiles which result from the fact that the external walls of these profiles are co-extruded.

Our windows are equipped with silver fittings Winkhaus Autopilot Concept. The standard equipment is very rich. Apart from micro-ventilation and handle turn lock (which unables attempt to open the tilt window) integrated with the leaf lift, at least one corner is secured by a steel anti-burglary hitch.

The other elements included in standard equipment of our windows:
  • modern insulated window panes,
  • black or grey window seals from EPDM,
  • the seal masking the fitting notch,
  • base profile of 30mm protecting windows during transportation,
  • set of window accessories (handles, hinge and drainage caps).